Here is What Actually Kill Arewa Webmasters

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We don’t usually, in fact we never publish an article related to webmaster on this site due to the fact that we are not so techie on it, but despite the fact, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any clue about it.
To almost everyday a lots of folks in Arewa (Northen Nigerian) are creating a website and some of them are ever since in the world of internet ecosystem, while some are trying to step in, but they still dont know how to or what is decreasing their trust-ship in the field and what can make them succeed in the blogging race. Almost 60 percent of them are actually useless while 30% seems not to be ready, only the remaining ones mean it serious. I’ve been with them spying on their activities (just looking) and i gather alot faults in their activities. Those faults eventually make them lag silently and killing their rank-ship in a face of their followers.
Honestly, this topic is not exclusively just to make you hot (because may be your fault might involve in the list) but if you carefully read on, this will help to you ditch your damn behavior and boost your identity, the need to believe me is up-to you to decide, but i’ll just state the real facts.
Here there are…..
Mobile Site Only
Before now, when we intend to create a website we usually use wapka, xtgem, or peperonity to create a site and thats for mobile website. But this generation, building mobile site only can be sometimes annoying more especially if 70% of your visitors are from PC. Despite that, there’s a lot of reasons not use wapka when creating a site.
  • Tip. To make it balance, you must create a website that’s fully responsive a well design for both mobile and PC
Force to Register
You must register before you view any thread, this is one of the most annoyed thing i hate and sure this drive visitors a way because not everybody want to waste his time on just a single thread, while he is sure he will find such information on other site.
  • Tip. To me a visitor mean who is reading my content not who must register before he get access to it, i dont care weather to register or not, all i want is who can understand me, and i believe that one day your identity of trust is the only thing that will lead a visitor not to leave you, that is all.
Claiming BIG names
I think its only in Nigeria and the worst in Arewa that you can seen a person tittle his name with “The Guru, World Guru, Gr8 Wizard or sometimes World Hacker” while he can’t even make a well written HTML. When you ask them a question you actually mean to play a game with them because they dont know anything.
  • Tip. Pack and kick off that rubbish, the rule is, focus on your niche and ready to be challenge on what you know, proud of what you have done already and focus on what can be new next. Using such kind names will spoil your relationship with people if they relize you are empty.
Relyin’ on Free Hosting
Those 30% that seems to be ready which i’ve already mention above, are actually rely on free hosting site and free domain names, im not saying you cant use it, but consider the fact that there are many cons using free web hosting.  If you are serious it is better for you to upgrade to premium web hosting.
  • Tip. Its true that nothing comes for free, its just a relative term. Everything comes with its own price. Using it a bit couldn’t be fault but if you mean it forever this will lead you to become victim of yourself. As a business man totally free web hosting is not for you.
Master of C&P works
This is a very rampant issues with blogger’s in Nigeria, but to them is worst which i believe 80% of them are copy and paste’s, it totally doesn’t have any pros, definitely when people caught you doing that they’ll suddenly thumb you down and rush away.
  • Tip. Make it yours so that you will be able to defend what you write on your website when someone got an error on his way doing your tutor. If you are afraid of not having content regularly on your blog or website then link the content to the credit source.
They will claim that they are the boss but you may find out that they are asking their facebook friends a questions on how to, and still people believe they are brilliant. I have seen many guys doing this on Facebook, this is totally f*ck up.
  • Tip. This indeed is killing your trust among people who believe you, proud of what you know and let them know where you stand.
Religion Not be Mention
You are not an entertainment or news blogger but you keep posting stuffs about religious issues and you force people to believe on what you believe, this is wrong-full act to keep reader with you. It is good to report what you know but dont do it the way believer’s might hurt
  • Tip. I may not have to tell you this but for sure, this might not make you last longer in the field especially if you are again-sting other people religion on your site.
Patient is All You Have
Blogging sometime suck newbies blogger’s especially if you dont have clue to what analytic’s is, not knowing who reading your content, cant find a good SEO keywords, this indeed can mess you up and will eventually lead to dust blogging away
  • Tip. Patient is all you have, the fact is blogging is not an easy task, is not for kid who want toy with reader attention. It actually for those who mean to bring up-to-date on what is happen around the globe and ease of use on how to.
Believe it or not, those issues mention above are actually what is been making you lag in the blogging ecosystem, if one has to speed up, then one’s must surely overcome those facts above. Keep in mind that if you don’t love what you are doing, you are totally wasting your time. Hope you get me right

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