How To Find out Which Apps Is Using Your Camera in Windows And Android

The rise of security breach on the go almost everyone who concern much about security will look for a way to secure his online activities. Most modern laptops today come with webcam which is quit useful when it comes video calling and it’s much easier to communicate with someone within a minute, but cyber crooks use your webcam as a weapon to spy on your online activities and later to blackmail you.

Being fear not to watched or monitor using it, or trying to find out which software’s is using your webcam, then you may have to consider disable it or end its process (if you actually trust remaining software’s). So in this tutorial I provide a steps by steps tutorials on both Windows OS and Android that will help to disable or to find out which apps is using your came.
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First go to Device Manager and find your webcam ID. To do this you need to right click on This PC icon, then click on Manage. From the left pane click on Device Manager a list of drivers will be shown, then double click on Imaging Devices you’ll see your Cam name, then double click on it to view its property, click on Details tab and choose Physical Device Object Name and get the ID.
Upon done that Download and Install Process Explore a tool to let you know whats going around with software’s that has been installed. Once the tool is open then find its search box or simply press CTRL+F and paste the ID, then it will search all the running process.
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Once you find and identified an un-trusted app, you can simply End its Process. If you it was malware simply run your Antivirus.

If you completely don’t want use webcam you can disable its driver from Device Manager, to do this just right click on This PC icon then click on Manage. From the left pane click on Device Manager a list of drivers will be shown, then double click on Imaging Devices, click on your webcam name and click Driver tab from there you can disable, uninstall or whatever.

Those using Android OS, you can simply head up to Google play Store and download the so called Camera Block -Anti spy-malware (its recommend to download it from the Play store because there’s a lot fakes outside the store)
It required no special skill to operate, upon download it, just open it and tab on Camera icon and you are good to go. You can also watch those that use you camera from the app.
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That is it, have another way to tackle this out or got an error’s on your way doing the process? Please use the comment box below to state, we’ll surely respond. Thank you.

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