Things to Know When Using Public Computer

For one reason or another you may occasionally came across the time that the need to use cyber computers is must, may be its an emergency or perhaps the opportunity is just too convenient to pass up but whatever the case may be, one has to be very careful because sometimes using public computer is just like exposing your personal data to attacker’s, so here is a safety cautions you need to do when you found yourself in such a situation like that.

Things to be aware of

Bypassing Keylogger

A keylogger can be either a piece of software or a small hardware device that is used to capture the keystrokes that are typed on the keyboard, many cyber cafe use keylogger on their systems based on reason known to them, so first when you found yourself at that situation like that please use the below tips.
A virtual keyboard (on-screen keyboard)is a program that shows a keyboard on the screen, and the keys can be ‘pressed’ by using a mouse. So you can use it to bypass keylogger. Press Win+R and when it popup then type “osk” and hit enter
Don’t Use this Feature

“Remember password” is a pop-up dialog which will be asked by almost any browser, whenever you successfully logged into a website or trying to! If you accept it, then the password will be stored locally in your browser, i think it might be smart idea not to use this feature in public cafe, but if you like so, make sure you clean up everything before leaving the cafe.
Lunch your Chrome browser and type this “chrome://settings/passwords” without quotes and then trash them out 
Likewise Mozilla paste this in the address bar “about:preferences#security” without quotation and then wipe them out

Watch out for Cookies

Cookies can be used to auto login as they hold information about the account, the moment you fill a form or log in or the moment you surf web, the time cookies pack them and automatically save them. It’s wise idea to clean it up.

For Chrome user simply type “chrome://chrome/settings/content” into your address bar without quotation and Chrome will take you to your intended destination. 
If its Firefox, Go to address bar and type “about:preferences#privacy” without quotation and the click on Remove individual cookies from the interface.
Clean Up Browsing History

This is capable of recording any site you visit the moment you kick off, anyone can use that history when you’ve gone, so here, trashing them is necessary.

For Firefox user Just simple hold the following keys Ctrl+H or set the Firefox automatically to delete history on exist and the same thing goes to Chrome.

Use it Wisely

Most important, remember that there is nothing you can do to make a public computer completely secure, so to prevent such casual spying we recommend you to enable private tab before browsing this is a fairly advanced option.

When you are on the Firefox browser environment simply press Crtl+Shift+P and you’re on the private browser. 
While if its Chrome, just press Crtl+Shift+N and then you are on the go

Its good to use common sense and use public computers only for non-sensitive tasks. Security is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the data center services world. But why is security so important. The importance of security is hard to overstate. But in taking a closer look at why security is so important, it becomes clear why so many companies invest so many resources into keeping their facilities and data secure.

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