This is Why I Choose Telegram Over WhatsApp

Bloggers or other companies who want get in touch with their audience usually use WhatsApp as a great way to reach out, because, despite being it free, it has no ads and its has now have end to end encryptions and after all it has a good features that will increase productivity like blue tick, last time seen, and video calling feature which for sure is a great thing.
As we are in the age where smart developer’s is bringing us something new to make our life excited and ease of use of modern technologies, now WhatsApp became something to ditch off as this so called Telegram deos more than WhatsApp. Believe me WhatsApp is great but is not as much as Telegram for now.
If you concern much about your audience privacy or you on your own, then its good for you to switch to Telegram as it has many tons of features than WhatsApp. I know it will be fraustruting tell you this without highlighting my views on why you should ditch WhatsApp. So before you go red, below is what i think Telegram wins.
Why I Choose Telegram Instead of WhatsApp.
I’ve said this before almost now and then WhatsApp is bringing new features frequently but when it comes to competition, is not as eye-catching as Telegram. Read me carefully
Limited Size and Documents
Lately WhatsApp introduce the support PDF file into their platform which lead many people love it but Telegram support wide range of extension like PDF, Zip, Exe, Rar and more over without limited restriction unlike WhatsApp which has limited size of what you can send.
5000 Group Members
Another pros feature of Telegram that make me love it. In WhatsApp you are only allow to add 250 members but Telegram has it more as you can add up 5000 members and also allow you to set a username for that group so that one can easily find it.
Two Factor Authentication
When you set this up, no one has your account except you even when someone has your mobile SIM card because this will need you to enter PIN, unlike WhatsApp which when someone has your SIM card has everything of your account.
Self Destruct
In case something geos wrong you can set a particular self destructing time for your messages, there after those messages get delete from receiver’s inbox.
The Telegram messaging application with its promising features make the world popular messaging app lags in the feild. Its upto you now to decide which one will suit your choice.

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