Reasons Why You Must Have VPN Service Installed

Here the VPN comes in handy when it comes to remain anonymous or want to be on safer side in the internet. You ought to be worried when the only option left is to browse directly without having guard with you while you don’t trust ISP. So before I proceed, ensure that you know the law of you land. Sure, using VPN might save your identity from internet crooks. From my choice of view here are why you must have a VPN installed on your devices both Smartphone and PC.

Country Restrictions

Definitely, there are still some countries where services like Hulu, Pandora and Spotify aren’t available. May be in school or your boss has ban your IP from accessing some site in the net. It make a good sense to have VPN installed, as you know VPN service are able to bypass geo-restriction by masking your default IP address no matter where you are.

Protect Your Identity When Using Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is sometimes easy to crack and get into without your knowledge, which is why using VPN in such places is a very good idea. A better and most VPN also come with certain anti-malware/spyware feature which can be critical for those who frequently use public Wi-Fi.

Torrents Made Easy.

Not everything downloaded from torrents mean illegal. For sure, most countries have outright put a ban on using torrents while others are restricting its use.

See How a Site Looks in Another Country.

If you ever wanted to research on anything about foreign country but were unable to due to geo-restriction, then don’t worry VPN has you back. A good VPN connection will not only let you access websites in other regions by masking your IP address, it also does so with compromising speed. A big to have premium VPN.

Seriously if you concern much about security, consider having VPN installed on Smartphone or your PC for better browsing experience and remember there are certain things to take action while choosing a VPN. So consider reading it first before choosing a VPN service.

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