Here is Why Naij Mail Will Shutdown Their Service and Here is What To Do one of most visited news website here in Nigeria decide to shutdown their mailing service. As they said it’s due to service inability and it will cost them much to maintain the services, which the progress will be effective and permanent from January 1, 2018. As i talk to them via support mail here is what i get as a response (thought this have been sent to many user’s)

The company's decision to seize operation of the mail service comes as a result of the service's inability to compete with the bigger players in the market, like Gmail or Yahoo. The cost of resources needed to maintain the service also contributed to this decision. All existing users of will receive a notification and information on the next steps to take following the termination of the service.

As now the mail service is unable to open, but don’t worry i have got you covered, here in this post comes with a detailed steps to access it and move your content to another mail with some little background of works.

First to access the mailing service you must visit and I’m sure it will pop an image like the below one.

Then type and hit enter

Upon done that it redirect you to the mailing service were you insert your username and password, then you are done. But if you decide to import your mail to another email services here is what to do (for the sake of this tutorial i will be using Gmail mailing service as an example)

To move your data follow the simple steps and procedures below to relocate your mails to an alternative account you are using.

Go to "Settings" option of your Gmail, go to menu "Accounts and Import Tab" and pick "Add an email account"

Enter a email credentials here

Please enter your username in mentioned format and enter your password. Please ensure that you have a field in red (POP Server =, port = 110) submitted in the same way as in the example.

Then click "Add Account". Click on "No" and "Finish"

All done!

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