Microsoft Blocked Google Chrome for Windows 10 Users

Microsoft has removed the installer from Google Chrome’s own app store. Thus users of Windows 10’s will not be able to use the browser.

The Corporation did not name a specific cause of the incident and only said that the application must be “unique and distinctive”: “We have removed Google Chrome Installer from the Microsoft Store, since the application violates the policy of our store.” Google refused to comment on the situation.

It is worth noting that the app called installer Chrome is a download link that opens in a standard browser.

The Corporation did not name a specific cause of the incident.

In may, Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows 10, which is preinstalled, particularly on a laptop Microsoft Surface Laptop. The system has several limitations, including a ban on the change standard browser. In addition, the installation of new programs is possible only through the app store Microsoft Store.

Even if a user download any third party browser, all links from emails and other services will open in the standard Microsoft Edge. Along with this, users will not be able to change the search engine. When the user write the query in the address bar, it will automatically be redirected to the Bing search engine.

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