Can Smartphone Replace Laptop or a Desktop PC?

I was asked, if smartphone can replace laptop or a Desktop PC tasks, then I nodded and said yes but not everything.
In today’s modern life, there are so many important elements. You might find yourself with busy and hectic schedules. There are certain elements of your life that you will need to sort out and organize. It is important to have a schedule and to plan things to make your life run smoother.

These days one of the most important things you can use to help your life is a smartphone. If you already have one, then you will know how important they are. There is so much that you can do with a smartphone and so many different ways in which they play a key role in your life. If you don’t yet have a smartphone, then you need to think about getting one.

If you want to enhance and advance your working and personal life, then you will need to get a smartphone. You can use the phone like a miniature laptop. This means that you can live so much of your day to day lifestyle on the move. Indeed smartphone can make it but honestly not everything, with references to above distinct benefits of smartphone one might believe smartphone can truly replace Computer. I have seen many controversial argument about on why are tablets better than laptops but to be honest I’ve seen no special direct answer to this, for this reason I compiled what I think might be the best for this question.

…but wait, not everything

Of course yes like I said it above, but this is definitely defend on who you are and what you do with both of them. For instance, Tablets and mobile are really more for content consumption. That means you surf the web, watch some movies, read some e-books, check your emails and hangout with friends on social media. But If you want to do content creation, it is really hard to do it on the tablets.

May be you still don’t get me clear but keep reading

While using PC you can connect lots of things at once. Firewire devices (scanners, video cameras), multiple USB devices (external disks, SpaceNavigator mice, Kinect devices, Midi devices, etc, thought there’s an existing of OTG Cables but still it can’t be compared with the one of PC.

PC support heavy software’s development apps like Visual Studio, with lots of other apps and data. The internal SSD drives of tablets tend to be a bit small for people with substantial storage needs for software and data.

To people like me (blogger and programmer) who sometimes usually toy with codes smartphone can’t be my only source to play, especially when it comes coding. You will mess up when editing your blogger template using mobile, thought there are some bloggers who usually does that on their smartphone, but is not friendly to them, so using PC for such task make it easier for you.

I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards probably not. I am one of those people who like to open multiple tabs to catch up, read and respond to things. A good amount of the time, YouTube videos are just playing in the background, unless it's a video that I really need to look at. It would be annoying for me to have to finish watching a video in order to check my email. (I know, there's YouTube Red, but this is an example)

Also, I do search for things out of curiosity and/or to help someone out so again, multiple tabs. On a phone, it feels harder for me to search for a link in one tab, copy the link and then go back to that tab to share the link. For some things, formatting is important (like a resume), so I wouldn't want to do that on a phone only.

Some folks are already there. Some people will never be there. But in general, most of what we do when we're not doing work can be done on a modern phone. And a lot of what we do both now and in the future will only be able to be done from our phones as software companies in certain fields focus less and less on the PC market. The times they are a-changing and all that, but still it can’t be compare to PC, may be in the future but for now not yet, in fact there is no best tablet to replace laptop for now.


Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are each capable mobile computing devices in their own way, but each also has distinct benefits and disadvantages. If you’re heading out the door, and you only want to grab one device for you needs, you might be ask which one will it be?

As great as these reasons may seem, there really is no “best” mobile computing device for everyone. In fact, there probably isn’t even a mobile computing device that is best for you in all cases. You have to consider the scenarios in which you intend to use the mobile device, and choose the best tool for the job.

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