Alpha Hub: The First Hardware Innovation Hub in Northern Nigeria

AlphaHUB is An Innovation centre, dedicated to drive research and development in Hardware and Embedded System Technology, has opened in Kaduna State (Northern Nigeria) to provide training, support and co-working space for budding entrepreneurs interested in the hardware development in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Victor Jibro also stated that “AlphaHUB is all about convenience and work efficiency, as we offer office for teams or a desk space for individuals. Our community is just the right place for entrepreneurs that desire to be successful. For members that signup at the Hub, they stand benefits privileges, which includes: 12hrs daily access, free Wifi, free coffee, meal discounts in hub cafe, front desk service, office address and lots more

Through our hands-on approach, we seek to bridge the skill gaps in quality tech talents in Nigeria, by equipping human capacity with an innovative problem-solving approach to handle hardware challenges.

The Founder of AlphaHUB, Victor Jibro, an entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems, explained the need for Tech hub with a focus in Hardware Technology to be established in Nigeria to meet the growing demand for smart devices. He said AlphaHUB is dedicated to solving Africa’s greatest challenges with regards embedded systems, as a lot of devices in our homes and institutions run on them.

Also it Provide with Training and Co-Working

The demand for software developers' jobs has continued to increase over the years, unfortunately developers aren't increasing in the same proportion. At AlphaHUB we are training high performing tech engineers to bridge the gap that currently exists both in Nigeria and Internationally.

At AlphaHUB its all about convenience and work efficiency. If you need an office for your team or a desk to create at occasionally, our community is the right place for you. There are a lot of benefits you enjoy by being part of the AlphaHUB family.

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