WinTech NG: Who They Are and What They Do

Women, today in North are rolling out creative inventions that are positively impacting lives whole nation and advancing human knowledge and development. In diverse fields in the sciences, arts and humanities, women are pushing the frontiers of creativity and innovation.

While many of such women stand out and have been duly accorded their places in the history books, one or two such women perhaps bear recounting here

Going around the net yesterday, I stumble upon a programme called WinTech NG a start up of women from Kano City. The WinTech NG is An Organisation that encourages and serves as an umbrella for all women in tech Nigeria. According to my research on 29th July 2018 Wintechng, the first ever women tech community in Northern Nigeria hosted their first meetup in Startup Kano hub with over 80+ Women in attendance, which has never happened in Kano. The event was hosted by Aisha Tofa (CEO startup Kano), Sa’adat Aliyu (Android App Developer) Aisha Hameed (Colead Facebook Developer Circle).

According to many of the women. This is a step in the right direction in ensuring more women participation in the technological development in Nigeria and whole Africa and world at large.
Part of it is getting women already in tech to share their stories of how they started and some of the challenges and how they overcome it to get to where they are present.

According to them (the team) We had few Ladies who came all the way from Maiduguri and Gombe just to attend the event some spending over 6hrs on the road, the event is all female event from the technical team to the Photographers and the organizers. Majority of the ladies were able to be free to talk with each other and have gotten lots of feedback from them about their challenges in tech and how they think Wintech will solve it.

As I quoted from their official blog

WInTech the first Women Tech community in Northern Nigeria launched its first event on Sunday 29th July 2018. After all the effort to bring diversity to women in tech three ladies who are making an impact in diversity of women in tech in the north Sa’adat Aliyu (Software developer, Developer Student Club FCAPT Lead) Aisha hameed (women in Tech lead), Aisha tofa (Co founder Startup Kano) join hands and Founded WintechNG. A community for all women in tech and aspired to be to collaborate, learn and share ideas to make an impact an build the women tech ecosystem in Africa. This is a movement going on to Attract, retain, increase female presence and diversity in information technology

Motivating of Success Stories

The team has spoke some of the successful women like Aisha Bint Mahmud who is a blogger about lifestyle you can read more about her here

“I started blogging when I was about 15 years old. i have passion for tech, even though I spent lot of time in my room because I am not allowed to go out except school, so I think a lot and I started writing down my thoughts. From there I opened a blog and got in touch with a few muslim bloggers who helped me along the way. My mom’s friends came across my blog and told her how talented I was which made her to support me blogging and attend tech events.”-Aisha Bint Mahmoud 
“I was in secondary school when a cousin of mine was getting married. The family is a huge family and they needed about 200 asoebi. I told her I could get it for her without me having the knowledge of 'how?’. I went to the market, search for a good ankara and bargained for it, that was how I made my first N300, 000. Never tell yourself that 'I have never done it, i cant do it”- Aisha tofa
This is very interesting programme for our dear women in northern Nigeria, and I am sure this will keep us proud, and I wish this team success and May He Almighty Keep them forward

Image Credits: WinTech NG Medium, Twitter

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