Movie Week NG: A Kannywood Movie Database Resource

Everybody has different reasons for looking up movie reviews, and everybody has different interests and levels of passion when it comes to movies. Some moviegoers look up movie reviews before seeing a movie, while other people utilize them to engage in further discussion after seeing a movie. I personally seek out movie reviews for the simple reason of assisting me in finding a worthwhile movie to watch.

Taking the time to watch a movie, whether in cinema or at home, takes a good chunk of time, and time is money. Therefore, I want to make sure that whatever movie I am about to watch will be worth my time. In addition, I like to have some idea of what a movie is going to be like before pushing the play button.

With that being said, I know that other people seek out movie reviews for completely different reasons. Some people simply want to see a quick rating number (or percentage) for a movie they are about to watch in order to see what critics thought of the movie overall. Other people want to know in-depth information about a movie and all of the questionable content it contains so that they can be prepared and know if it is an appropriate film to watch (especially if they are reviewing a film before allowing their children to watch it).

Still other people are complete and total movie buffs who want to get into the production details and hear what other like-minded “nerds” have to say about all kinds of old and obscure movies, not just the new or “popular” ones.

When it comes to Home Nigeria, it sometime can be boring going out to watch cinema board looking for a movie to watch or comes across a bunch of movies and trying it out figure which one is drama, love or comedy

For this reason, I paid a visit to a site called Movie Week NG a best places to go for Kannywood and Nollywood movie reviews, whether you prefer reading a review online. Every movie lover, whether novice or expert, has a way to fill his or her movie “needs” and become a more educated moviegoer.

The Movie Week NG (MWNG) is an online database of information related to movies, actors, and most recently, fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media based on Nollywood and Kannywood Industry. MWNG launched on October, 2018 by Najeeb.

The site is available on the web or as a downloadable phone app, the MWNG offers news and information on upcoming movies and celebrities, as well as a local theater search.

MWNG provides you rating score, trailers and clips, show times based on your location and all updates on in theaters and upcoming movies at one spot. You can direct search movies or find your favorite movies by genres. You can also set the alert for specific movie so that you’ll get updated with all information about your selected movies
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This site archived all movies into sections of action-packed, family-friendly, futuristic, romantic and others where you can easily find the movies you are searching for with editors as well as users ratings which let you easily choose the best movie.

In new releases you can get the information about upcoming releases with trailer, cast & crew and showtimes all in easy to use user interface.

Of course the site review and give out accurate information about a movie but they are not offering link to download wherever the movie found on their site because they believe it violate the Kannywood Movie Industry Policy, unlike other bunch of site out there who promise act on such thing. 

Being worried to view the site, then head up here Movie Week NG

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