Chitika is Shutting Down Operation

In Brief: Chitika, Inc. was a search-targeted advertising company. It was located in Westborough, Massachusetts, United States. The name Chitika means "in a snap" in Telugu language. On April 17th 2019, chitika has announced they are shutting down their business. We still don’t know the reason behind but we’re predicting that it was due to the lost in advertiser.

The contextual ad network which meant it shows ads relevant to the content of your site and it also helps in getting more click and hence more earning for you. Chitika is easy as even with a less traffic blog you can get approval there. Once you are approved all you need to do is create ad zone and place the code in your blog.

I wake up today only just to check up my earning with Chitika and I found something that scare me, they are shutting down their service as this was written above the login page. I suddenly try to reach them through contact form, but honestly im getting out some server error, so as the time of written this post response where made from the team.

Publishers are not only lamenting, but also not happy about the indefinite closure of Chitika Ads Network even though their remain earning is still on.

Dear Publisher, 
After 15+ years in business and millions of publisher relationships, Chitika is hereby shutting down. Our sincere thanks to all our publishers with whom we have enjoyed wonderful relationships over the years. We wish you the best of luck and success as you continue to grow your traffic and revenue.

According to the source, there’s no payment of earning on March 1st 2019 will be paid out. All earnings after March 1st 2019 have been chargebacked by the exchange and money has been returned to the advertisers.  

This extremely bad, those still who want make money online you can use other ad network similar to Chitika like NGAdvert, PopAds, Infolinks, PopCash or affiliate marketing since Google Ads today are not friendly.

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